Digital India


Digital india is an initiative by the prime minister of india Mr.NarendraModi to make india a digitally empowered society.The program is projected at Rs 1,13,000 crore which will prepare the country for knowledge-based transformation.It will focus on providing high speed internet services to its citizens and make services available in real time for both online and mobile platform. Digital India also aims to transform ease of doing business in the country.


1.Digital Infrastructure as a Core Utility to Every Citizen

2.Governance and Services on Demand

3.Digital Empowerment of Citizens

As the methodology and approach states that Public Private Partnerships would be preferred wherever feasible to implement e-Governance projects with adequate management and strategic control. Modi approached the Top companies ceo’s in silicon valley and got strategic investment from companies like

GOOGLE to help in setting up base for 500 free wifi stations

MICROSOFT to set up cloud computing systems and to bring low cost broadband tech to 5 lakh villages

Qualcomm is going to invest $150 million in indian stratups based on internet of Everything and mobile ecosystem and an innovation lab at benguluru.

Facebook is showing its support by letting people change profile picture in tricolour indian flag format


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