What is “GOD MODE” in windows?

The name “GOD MODE” may sounds something like terrible thing.It was the name given by bloggers when the hacked was published.This is actually a windows “master control panel shortcut” it consists of various control settings related to operating system under the sun.How to make folder god mode


Go to Desktop => Right click => new => Folder


Rename the folder as “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” without quotations.

Hurray now you have the god mode folder without click on it to access various control settings.



What happens if we connect to mysql to upload files using filezilla? (localhost)

The mysql server gets opened in some port in my computer is 3306 (default) if its not free it might take other port. so in filezilla if you type the host as which is your localhost and your username,password and port it will ping the server at port 3306 which is mysql ¬†and it doesnot establishes a communication and transfer doesn’t happen within the port which is intracommunication.



How to remove malware from computer

Problem: If your computer got affected to Browser hijacker malware you might be facing the problem of change in the default search engine even if you change it in default search engine settings this is due to malware we can remove them with some simple steps



Go to control panel and click on the uninstall program



Here click on uninstall program



If you know the malware program search for that program and uninstall them. if you do not know then check the programs installed recently and uninstall programs which you have not installed.

common malware file resultshub.exe