Tor Browser and how it works


The best way to be anonymous online is to use tor browser.The immediate question arises to everyone is why do we need anonymity?

we need anonymity to hide user identity to hide because many websites steal our identity and sell them to companies.

To hide our browsing pattern from employee or ISP (internet service provider) this will prevent you from having those most annoying and irritating advertisements we get online.

To conceal our internet usage from hackers and also to circumvent censorship that is to use the websites which are not allowed to use in certain countries.

The anonymity from tor browser can be achieved because the data is sent through a circuit of at least three routers.the data that passes through the network is encrypted but at the beginning and end there is no encryption.


A circuit is built incrementally one hop by one hop

  • Onion like encryption
  • User negotiates an AES key with each router
  • Messages are divided into equal sized cells
  • Each router knows only its predecessor and successor
  • Only the exit router can see the message,however it does not know where the message is from.

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